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Health Tips

Health Tips :-

1. Heart Attack

2. Kidney Problem

3. About Mimosa Pudica

4. Taking Limericks Product - Step By Step

5. Ambil Produk Limericks - Langkah Langkah

6. Spirit Problem

7. For Cancer Patients



1. No Breakfast
People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating=2 0

It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking

It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar consumption

Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

5. Air Pollution

The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our 20 body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

6 . Sleep Deprivation

Sleep allows our brain to rest.. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells..

7. Head covered while sleeping

Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.

8. Working your brain during illness

Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts

Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking Rarely

Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain

The main causes of liver damage are:

1. Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause.

2. Not urinating in the morning.

3. Too much eating.

4. Skipping breakfast.

Consuming too much medication.

6. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil.

As much as possible reduce cooking oil use when frying, which includes even the best cooking oils like olive oil. Do not consume fried foods when you are tired, except if the body is20very fit.

7. Consuming raw (overly done) foods also add to the burden of liver.

Veggies should be eaten raw or cooked 3-5 parts. Fried veggies should be finished in one sitting, do not store.

We should prevent this without necessarily spending more. We just have to adopt a good daily lifestyle and eating habits. Maintaining good eating habits and time condition are very important for our bodies to absorb and get rid of unnecessary chemicals according to 'schedule.'

The top five cancer-causing foods are:

1.. Hot Dogs

Because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live without hot dogs, buy those made without sodium nitrate.

2. Processed meats and Bacon

Also high in the same sodium nitrates found in hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meats raise the risk of heart disease. The saturated fat in bacon also contributes to cancer.

3. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are cancer-causing double trouble. First, they are made with white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oils, then fried at high temperatures. Doughnuts, says Adams , may be the worst food you can possibly eat to raise your risk of cancer.

4. French fries

Like doughnuts, French fries are made with hydrogenated oils and then fried at high temperatures. They also contain cancer- causing acryl amides which occur during the frying process. They should be called cancer fries, not French fries, said Adams .

5. Chips, crackers, and cookies


All are usually made with white flour and sugar.. Even the ones whose labels claim to be free of trans-fats generally contain small amounts of trans-fats.


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  1. Saya menghidapi radang selaput mata selama 5 tahun tambah lagi kencing manis dan darah tinggi... Telah beratus kali mengulang alik ke hospital untuk macam-macam checkup dan ubat...tetapi tiada hasilnya...tambah lagi doktor mendesak saya untuk pembedahan yang mahal... Selepas mengambil BPGO dan Fruitee Chewable untuk hanya seminggu, selaput mata saya telah hilang dan penglihatan saya ringan dan terang... Terima Kasih Aznir & Limericks Network kerana menemukan saya balik kepada kehidupan asal saya yang bhgia...skali lagi terima kasih...
    Mariamah Binti Miskon
  2. Saya ada masalah Darah Tinggi, Gout, Buasir, Resdung, dan Mata kurang jelas. Setelah mengambil Fruitee Plus, dan BPGO. Saya dapat merasa ada perubahan pada diri saya dengan ketara. Dulu darah tinggi 138/100 sekarang, 128/80 yang lain-lain pulih 90 peratus dari sebelumnya, setelah , makan dan minum selama beberapa minggu sahaja.
    Mohamad Basarah @ Abas
  3. CLEARER VISION .... After taking BP-Go for 6 weeks my vision is more clearer. Now i can read newspaper without glasses.
    M. Rajandran (XXXXXX-10-5769)
  4. DIABETES (Kencing Manis) Saya menghadapi masalah kencing manis selama 6 tahun. Paras gula bacaan saya ialah 12 hingga 15. Selepas mengambil BP-Go selama 6 minggu, bacaan gula saya sekarang ialah 7.2 walaupun saya tidak mengambil ubat kencing manis.
    Manaharan (XXXXXX-10-4357)
  5. MASALAH SINUS..... Saya menghadapi masalah sinus selama 6 tahun. Saya telah cuba macam macam ubat tapi tidak ada perubaahan. Selepas mengambil BP-Go selama sebulan masaalah sinus tiada lagi.
    Tan Kim Suan (XXXXXX-10-4217
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